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Jeff Merkley Town Hall  –  April 28th, 1:00 PM

Phoenix High School – 745 North Rose Street

Link to RSVP:


What 5G and IoT (Internet of Things) mean to OUR Future

Ashland  Library, Downstairs

Sunday, April 28th, 1:00 – 2:00 PM

Also consider attending ASHLAND 5G STUDY SESSION / CITY COUNCIL CHAMBERS – Monday, May 20th, 5:30 – 7:00 PM

Call Pacific Power Now to Cut Your Bill Now!

We have another victory due to ongoing public pressure.  The Oregon Public Utility Commission has ordered Pacific Power to offer a reduced fee option for their customers who have Opted out of having a smart meter, and still have their analog meter.  This option cuts the Opt Out fee from $36 a month to $9 a month, but you have to call them to choose this offer.  In order to take advantage of this option, you have to use the Equal Payment Option which charges a set amount each month that is an average of your previous year’s usage.

“Equal Pay takes an average of your last 12 month history and charges you that average each month. Your plan is reviewed annually comparing the estimated amount to your actual usage and any difference will be billed or credited…”  From:

There is a link to Frequently Asked Questions about the Equal Payment Option on that same page.

“The Equal Payment Option reduces opt-out fees for customers from the current $36 a month to $9 a month, by reducing the number of manual reads to three times per year ($36 per reading, spread across 12 months).”

“The standard opt-out plan will continue to be available as well and provides monthly manual $36 meter reads and bills based on monthly usage.”  From:

You have to call them to take advantage of this new option:

“Customers must select the new option by calling 1-866-869-8520. All residential customers with non-standard meters are eligible to participate. Residential customers with net meters, time of use meters or demand registers would not qualify because it is necessary for the company to obtain routine meter reads to bill customers under those circumstances accurately.”  From:

After you sign up, you should receive a letter from Pacific Power stating what your monthly bill will be.  Unfortunately, we have already had 3 reports of Pacific Power cheating on the math, so do your own math.  If you don’t have paper records of your previous 12 months bills, you can find them on Pacific Power’s website .  Click on “Your Account”.  Click on “View or Pay Bills”.  Sign in or create your account.  Click on “View Your Bills”.  Add up the total of the previous 12 months of bills.  Count how many of those bills included the $36 Opt Out fee and multiply 36 by that number.  Subtract that results from the total of your 12 months.  Then divide that result by 12.  Then add $9 to that result.  That will give you the new monthly amount Pacific Power should charge you for this program.  If that number doesn’t match the number they gave you, call Pacific Power and tell them to adjust your bill so that it’s accurate.

Please support our work by going to the Donate page on this website.

Require All Utility Companies to Provide Analog Meters

Oregon State Senator Dallas Heard and Oregon State Representative Gary Leif introduced HB 3174 to require both electrical and natural gas utility companies in Oregon to provide their customers the option to have an analog meter installed on their home at no charge.  Full text below*.  There is pressure for them to withdraw the bill, so please write to Senator Dallas Heard and Representative Gary Leif asking them to promote their bill.  You can write also to State Senator Jeff Golden at   and ask him to co-sponsor this bill.  You can also write to your State Representative, and every other State Senator and Representative in Oregon, to re-introduce this bill.

To find your State Senator and Representative, go to: and type in your address.

If you want to email All Oregon State Senators and Representatives, CLICK HERE to download a complete email list of all Oregon State Senators and Representatives that you can just copy and paste into your email program.

* HB 3174  A BILL FOR AN ACT Relating  to  utility  meters.Be It Enacted by the People of the State of Oregon: SECTION  1. Section 2 of this 2019 Act is added to and made a part of ORS chapter 757. SECTION  2. The Public Utility Commission shall require an electricity or natural gas utility to provide an analog meter option for a residential customer that does not wish to have  a  smart  meter  installed  at  the  residential  customer’s  location.  The commission  shall require an electricity or natural gas utility to provide an analog meter to a customer that exercises the analog meter option at no cost.

Opt-Out” and get a “Smart-meter” installed anyway?

Send us an email with your story at: (with “OPTED OUT” in subject line). We want to hear your story and will try to assist you in getting your meter back.

For more info, events, and protests visit our friends at:

Sign petition to OPUC to waive “Opt-out”:

Letter to the PUC

Many of you sent a “Cease and Desist” letter to the PUC (see below).  The next letter we have that anyone who is an Oregon customer of Pacific Power can send to the PUC is much more precise and extensive on how the law wasn’t followed by the PUC.*  Click HERE to download it.  You can also download a science report written by Ed Kellogg, PhD.  Click HERE to download it.  You can email the PUC at:  You can also send them a letter at:  Public Utility Commission of Oregon,  P.O. Box 1088,  Salem, OR 97308-1088.

*A little history to give context to the letter to the PUC linked to above: On July 5, the Jackson County Commissioners sent a letter to the Oregon PUC expressing concerns raised by their constituents.  You can see that letter by clicking HERE.  On July 18, the PUC responded to the Jackson County Commissioners with their usual false propaganda. You can see that letter by clicking HERE.  Both of these letters are on the public record, available for anyone in Oregon to read.  They are relevant to any Oregon customer of Pacific Power, even if you don’t live in Jackson County.  So you can send the PUC the letter linked above that says you have read these letters, and this is your response.

Buy sign for your lawn!  Info on Home page.

Help us spread the word with a sign for your yard, only $20 (to cover cost). Contact Bridget if you would like one (541) 846-1789.

Help us offset the costs of our information campaign (donate here).

Actions You Can Take!

Note: This Actions webpage simply provides information and options for your consideration. Here we suggest a few of the many potential actions you can take should you choose to do so. Nothing on this webpage constitutes legal advice.

Information on Options Regarding Pacific Power’s Intent to Install Smart Meters and/or to their Opt-Out Offer.

Pacific Power has updated it’s Opt Out Policy to say:

“If you opt out before a smart meter is installed, your existing meter will stay in place.”

See Pacific Power’s website page for their description of their Opt Out option:

There are two phone numbers you can call to Opt Out:

Smart Meter Hotline, 7 AM to 7 PM Mon – Fri,  1-866-869-8520.    Or

Pacific Power, 24/7   1-888-221-7070 option 1, then 0.

If you can afford to pay the opt out fees, this may be the most reliable way to keep your analog meter in the short run.

However, if you Opt Out, you may still need to be vigilant to make sure that they don’t install a smart meter “by mistake”.  We have had local reports of people who have Opted Out being told they are not on the Opt Out list. Other local residents who have Opted Out received notices that Pacific Power had tried to install a smart meter but were unable to access the meter.  They asked the resident to call them to resolve access issues so they can install the smart meter.  Therefore, if you Opt Out, you can ask for the Work Order Number that is associated with the Opt Out fee.  If the person you are talking to tells you there is no Work Order Number, you can ask to speak to their supervisor.  After you get the Work Order Number, you can ask for the person’s first name and employee number who gave it to you.  Then you can post a sign near your meter with the information that you have an Opt Out contract, with the Work Order Number and the I.D. of the employee that gave it to you, and the instruction to not remove your meter (Click here for Example).  We have been advised by an attorney that if they remove your meter in violation of their agreement, you can sue them for breach of contract.  It may help to document everything and to have witnesses.

For the long run, we are offering you information on different things you can do to try to keep your analog meter, or get an analog meter installed for those who don’t currently have one, without having to pay any extra fees.  These long term strategies are not guaranteed to work, and, if they do work, may take some time.

To Send the Oregon Public Utilities Commission a Cease and Desist Letter:

Cease and Desist Letter (click here)

Instructions for Cease and Desist Letter (click here)

You may send a Cease and Desist Letter whether you choose to Opt Out or not.

Join the InPower Movement.

The InPower Movement is a world-wide movement to take back our individual power from the corporate government system.  Visit our INPOWER PAGE (link here)!

You may send a Cease and Desist Letter whether you choose to use the InPower Movement process or not.

You may also be interested in “Take Back Your Power”, a video available on Netflix or YouTube.

** * Write letters to the Editor.  Feel free to use information from our website to back up what you say in your letter.  The more people become aware of the problem, the stronger our position will become.

Contact the Office of Your Representatives in Congress with Your Concerns:

For Oregon Residents:

Senator Jeff Merkley:  (541) 608-9102 (202) 224-3753

Senator Ron Wyden:  (541) 858-5122 (202) 224-5244

U.S. Rep. Greg Walden:  (541) 776-4646 (202) 225-6730

Find Your State Legislators:

We can greatly enhance the effectiveness of anything we do to protect ourselves from Smart Meters by having a lot of other people taking similar actions. We are far more likely to win this battle if there are a lot of people involved in it. So, one of the most important things you can do is spread the word and help educate other people. Please share this information and our flyer [Link to downloadable document] with others through social media and email. Also, print out the flyers, post them on bulletin boards, or give copies to people you know. Tell people about our website. If you can, please make a donation (click here) to our group to help us increase our outreach. The more people we reach the more likely it becomes that we will succeed in keeping a smart meter off our homes.

Download Flyer

To Make a Complaint to the Oregon Public Utilities Commission

OPUC prefers electronic filing of formal complaints, you can email them at:

Electronic Form to file online:

Downloadable Form and Instructions that you can mail in:

Link to:  Considerations for formal Complaint to O.P.U.C.

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