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The InPower Movement is a world-wide movement to take back our individual power from the corporate government system. Many people have discovered the way the corporate government uses obscure language and assumptions of consent, to deceive people into giving away their rights.  The InPower Movement is using that knowledge to address the issue of smart meters.  Most people are not aware of how intricate and deceptive the corporate government power structure is, but for those of you who have some amount of familiarity with this, you may want to use the InPower Movement process.  This is an approach that requires a high level of understanding and commitment to owning your own power as a human being with inalienable rights. Start by watching Episode 1 and Episode 2 on the InPower Movement website:

Then read the documents:   If you decide you want to join us in this approach, email us at and put “InPower Movement” in the subject line, include your name & phone number, and let us know who your Utility company is.

Pacific Power has updated it’s Opt Out Policy to say:

“If you opt out before a smart meter is installed, your existing meter will stay in place.”

This is good news for those people who have analog meters and want to keep them. Please see our Actions page for more details about Pacific Power’s Opt Out option.

This new information has implications for people who are considering using the InPower Movement process to try to stop Pacific Power from putting smart meters on your home, or to try to stop Pacific Power from charging you extra fees to keep your same meter and your current level of service. You could choose to Opt Out now, pay the extra fee for now, just to be sure to keep your analog meter on your home, and then file your Notices of Liability later on, in order to try to recover the illegal extra fees they charged you. We are not advising for or against this option. We don’t know what the results of sending in the InPower Movement Notices will be.

 You may send a Cease and Desist Letter whether you choose to use the InPower Movement process or not.  See our Actions page for details.

Please see our Actions page for other actions that can be taken



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